With more than 10 years of installation experience the professionals at Novel Lighting get the job done right the first time around. All the approved low voltage lighting that is installed by Novel has a 6 month free maintenance guarantee that covers equipment replacement and free checks if necessary under the manufacturers’ warranty. This means that you get the best case scenario with your new lighting system; peace of mind knowing that the job was done right and that you are covered in case anything goes wrong. Specializing in low voltage LED lighting products Novel can almost do it all. Linear LED strips, fixtures, sconces, custom LED embedding, and pretty much everything else out there. With the Novel design service our clients typically let us select the products for them. If you happen to have qualifying equipment already, you can take advantage of just our installation service. Just another way Novel Lighting makes your job easier.



One of the most important and complex aspects of any project has to do with the lighting control system programming. Lighting controllers vary widely and they are not all created equal. Certain lighting controllers may be suitable for a specific project while often times selecting the wrong controller will leave you with something that is likely overkill or not capable enough. Novel specializes in programming a lot of the popular DMX controllers out there like the Nicolaudie, Pharos, Madrix, Luminair 3, and others. No matter whether you need basic lighting automation for your newly installed fixtures and accents, or you need a complex pixel mapping solution for your greatest and latest attraction, we have the ability and the experience to get you set up just right.

LED System Design

Every project begins with an idea or need. In order to piece it all together into reality some level of design is required. At Novel Lighting we offer complete lighting system design from the ground up. We take the time to evaluate all aspects of the project at hand to achieve a successful execution. Careful planning and previous experience are required to seamlessly bring the idea to reality. We offer complete support when taking advantage of our design service. Every single part that is required to complete the job is carefully documented and built out on paper first. By creating wiring layouts and installation guides, your project will have valuable documentation that always comes in handy during and after installation. This way you can even install the system on your own with help from our support team and guidance from the plans we have produced. Another great thing about using our design service is that you will expedite the process by being able to order all the exact components saving you time and money. All designs come with free support, wiring layouts, and a complete bill of material. We can even facilitate the purchasing process by referring you to our preferred vendors.

Lighting Specification

The lighting specification process is an important step in every project that requires a substantial amount of new lighting products. It chronicles all of the necessary components and their installation locations to achieve the intended effect. At Novel Lighting we have years of experience working with architects and lighting designers and have assisted many projects by providing outline specifications, lighting fixture schedules, and product data sheets. Our specification service will guarantee a smooth transition from design, to ordering, to installation.


Some lighting installations, specifically the more modern systems that involve complex lighting controls, and high performance LED products may take a bit of extra effort to ensure that everything is working, and will remain working indefinitely. Often times these new technologies are not very well known and you may have experienced issues with your past or current projects installed by somebody else. At Novel Lighting we offer trouble shooting and repair services even on systems that we have not been directly involved with. We have the ability to identify, diagnose, and rectify any issues in lighting systems. Our experienced techs will report back with the findings and offer a permanent solution to address the issue. Not all electricians and contractors are equipped with the knowledge necessary to fix these kinds of issues as they involve technologies that are still new and can be difficult to become familiar with. Our past experience and knowledgeable staff is ready to tackle any job, big or small. Contact us today.